Anxiety and Depression are the two major clinical areas of expertise that we specialize in treating in our practice.

However, even though we see many clients suffering from issues pertaining to Anxiety and Depression we also work with:

  • clients who may be suffering from other conditions such as an Adjustment Disorder stemming from a major stressful life event.
  • clients who may have suffered some Psychological Trauma.
  • maybe someone who is experiencing issues with Grief in which they have experienced a major loss in their life.
  • clients who are experiencing issues pertaining to Life Transitions such as a huge major “change” in their life.

Additionally, we may just see individuals who are only looking for clarification about an issue that they are dealing with or sometimes we’ll see an individual who just wants to talk about a stressful situation but is needing more focus and clarity about a solution for it.

Also, some of the other clients that we see may be experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety about a particular issue that is preventing them from moving forward.

And other times a client may also be experiencing a serious dip in their level of motivation which may manifest as an overwhelming feeling of being stuck and not able to move forward.

However, if you are not sure about the symptoms that you may be experiencing or if you feel confused about how to seek help for what you are looking, please don’t hesitate about calling us.

In fact, this is why we offer the initial free 15 minute consultation prior to scheduling the appointment with us.  That is, we utilize that brief consultation precisely to go over any of those questions that you may be wondering about.

My sincere hope for you is that after participating in my therapeutic process you will experience a newly found sense of clarity, focus, and direction!  I will do my best to help you get back on track and keep you moving forward with your life!

I genuinely hope that after working with me you will gain a clear understanding of where you are headed and have a solid plan to help you get to your next destination whether that be a new career, new relationship, or a new way of life!