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I admire the fact that you are taking responsibility for your own self-care.

I am also well aware that this is an important decision that you have to make and I truly understand that taking the first step is always a tough one!

But just remember to “Keep Moving Forward!”

And If you do decide to start your therapy with KMF Counseling Solutions, I would like to share with you that I know from 20 fulfilling years of working as a therapist that human beings already possess within themselves an incredible innate ability and resolve to overcome and push through all types of unbelievable psychological and emotional challenges.

In fact, I believe that you as a self-motivated resilient type of individual you probably already possess within you the most appropriate and necessary internal resources that you need to overcome any obstacle that crosses your path.

All I do is provide you with a completely confidential, safe, and judgement free environment where you can safely process your thoughts and feelings about the  adversity that you are facing.  Then, we utilize the right mental tools to overcome the challenge or adversity that you may be facing.

My hope is to empower you with the right mental tools that you need so that you can overcome your current and future adversities and always be able to reclaim your healthy emotional well-being.

Over eighteen thousand clinical hours of providing counseling and therapy!

20 Years of solid continuous experience providing counseling services for clients!

100% Committed to providing the best high quality care possible for our clients!


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One major reason that I really enjoy my work is because I am pretty passionate about helping young professionals.  I love empowering my clients by providing them with a truly genuine, supportive, and therapeutic environment so they can tap into their own internal strengths and resources.

Personally, I prefer to be 100% completely genuine and 100% real with my clients.  I also approach my sessions without any preconceived notions about what I believe is best for my clients. Instead, I strive to provide a compassionate and safe environment as my clients and I work collaboratively to address their goals and needs.

I may at times encourage feedback and ongoing dialogue about my their goals and needs and collaboratively we develop a specific customized plan for my client’s journey of success.

In addition, I also take into consideration other important areas of their lives such as the physical health, social health, economic well-being, and the spiritual health.  I believe that all of these intertwined aspects of our lives are very important components for our growth and development as human beings and must not be overlooked.

So, if you are ready to get started then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to meeting with you!